Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zabitatz is THE online meeting place for homeowners

I am still getting used to this twitter thing. I almost gave up on it once or twice but am slowly getting the hang of it. Though I'm not a 24/7 twitterer I do enjoy reading what others have to say and sharing my own two cents now and then. Once in a while I even come across fun new sites and today's wonderful web wednesday is the result of such a tweet, so thank you, twitter!

If you're a homeowner in need of design advice or in need of a forum to share your fabulous design ideas, then Zabitatz is the site for you. Claiming to be "the fun, never-intimidating and always informative site where passionate members meet to share advice, insight and inspiration about everything home-related," Zabitatz is place where beginners and experts alike can ask questions and get answers on everything from painting a room to gardening to choosing the right appliance.

Collaboration is the key on Zabitatz. If you have a great idea about how to display family photos or have learned from a design mistake, share it. If you would like to know more about types of flooring or even managing finances, just ask. Members can post to forums, review products, share their favorite links, and even upload photos and videos.

Right now on Zabitatz you can enter the Wacky Tacky Home Design Disasters Contest. Just upload a photo of a crazy design distater (yours or someone else's) and if your photo wins by public vote, you could be mortgage free for a year! Zabby of Zabitatz is also highlighting her favorite pink products that support breast cancer reasearch and has opened a "pink" forum where members can discuss their favorite pink products and discuss the important topic of breast cancer.

I'm no design guru (that would be LeShan) and so this site is a great resource for the design-challenged like myself. But even if you're an ol' pro you'll still find a lot of "zabtastic" info on Zabitatz. --Emily

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