Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a blog just "for your entertainment"

When I watch the news, listen to the radio or keep up with national and world events online I rarely crack a smile. It's just too depressing. It kind of makes you want to relocate your entire family to a remote island in the Caribbean for a much needed reprieve from reality, but since that's not in the cards I'll settle for a daily dose of For Your Entertainment.

For Your Entertainment is a blog sure to make you crack a smile. If you're lucky you might even laugh out loud, something you won't do watching CNN. Whether bringing you the latest laughable interviews, amusing images or crazy political cartoons, the author provides his readers with some serious entertainment. Take a break from harsh reality and visit For Your Entertainment. It's a trip definitely worth taking this wonderful web wednesday. --Emily

(Photo by For Your Entertainment)


Susie said...

Thanks for i11ntroducing me!! He is really funny

-J. said...

Wow! Hey, thanks for the plug!