Thursday, October 30, 2008

jot down your ideas with a ringlet jotter from SusyJack*

Post-it notes are great, don't get me wrong, but they can quickly get out of hand. You only have so much space around your computer monitor, and if a strong breeze blows through the window your ideas will scatter faster than my kids down the Target toy aisle. Plus, they're not the best way to write down your epiphanies while on the go. (The backs of receipts aren't that great either.)

So how's a girl to jot down her recently planned lunch date, brilliant product idea or overheard quote and keep it close at hand? Today's that's hot! thursday has the answer and it's the Ringlet Jotter from SusyJack*. The Ringlet Jotter was designed for keeping track of all those "notes to self" we busy women so often need. These stylish, eco-friendly books are small enough to fit in your purse and they keep your notes all in one place. They can easily go from desk to kitchen counter to bag and would be a lot more fun than your pink flower-shaped Post-it pad. Plus they make great party gifts and stocking stuffers!

SusyJack* has some other really great products such as pencil cups, wall art, boxed note sets, and my other favorite, cartlettes. Cartlettes are the multitaskers of paper products. You can use them as business cards, gift tags, scrapbook embellishments--the possibilities are endless!

SusyJack*s products are printed and hand-assembled in the USA. Recycled packaging is used for shipping and all paper used in Susy*s products are 100% post consumer recyled. I doubt your Post-its are post consumer recycled, so do some eco-friendly jotting with a Ringlet Jotter from SusyJack*. --Emily

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