Friday, October 24, 2008

trick or treat! (I prefer treats!)

This Saturday is my sister-in-law's annual Halloween party and we can't wait! The kids always have a ton of fun and the adults always eat a ton of food. No better time to let the holiday eating begin and no better way than with some fun Halloween treats.

I'm bringing some guacamole dip drizzled with a sour cream spider web and served with a side of bat tor
tilla chips (recipe below) and I couldn't resist these fun bat cupcakes courtesy of (recipe also below). If you'd like even more ghoulish treats, Family Fun's Halloween Fright Site has a cauldron full. Check out the melon brain...eeeeew!

Bat Tortilla Chips
1 large flour tortilla per person
1/4 cup olive oil

Preheat your broiler. Using a bat or other Halloween cookie cutter, cut each tortilla into shapes. Lightly brush both sides of each creature with oil. Arrange on a cookie sheet and broil, flipping once when they begin to brown. When brown on both sides, lightly sprinkle with salt. Serve with spider web guacamole. (Use a decorator tip to draw concentric circles on top of guacamole using sour cream. Then drag a knife from the outside circle in. Top with a fake spider or two!)

Bat Cupcakes
1 package chocolate cake mix
1 container prepared chocolate frosting
1 package fudge stripe cookies
1 small bag milk chocolate candy kisses, unwrapped
1 tablespoon red gel icing

Prepare cake mix according to package directions for cupcakes. Cool. Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Break cookies in half and press two halves into the top of each cupcake for wings, stripes facing the frosting. Place a chocolate kiss in front of the cookies with the point facing forward for the body. Make two beady little eyes with the red gel icing towards the point of the kiss. Enjoy!
Eat, drink and be scary!

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