Thursday, October 16, 2008

delicious stationary from PaPaYa!

Though I don't purchase a lot of stationary products, I could easily become a stationary junkie when it comes to the beautiful line from PaPaYa! I first discovered PaPaYa! in a boutique in Kauai and I immediately fell in love with their artistic, colorful, yummy designs. One look and I was definitely hooked! After today's that's hot! thursday, you'll be hooked too!

For starters, take their 2009 Birds & Blooms calendar. Each month is a work of art and a glittery, refreshing break from your standard scenic calendar. And how could their journals not inspire creativity? PaPaYa! offers everything from gift enclosures to cards to art panel prints. No matter how long I browse their site I can't get enough of the fanciful designs.

I love the story behind PaPaYa!, a "mother/ daughter team who ... share the Vision of 'Creative Abandon' by striving to bring inspiration & beauty into the far reaches of [their] business. ... PaPaYa! is intended to be [their] melting pot of ideas & curiosities with no apologies for being bold, varied, humorous. ... Everything from life is welcome."

We could all use a little more creative abandon in our lives. Me? I'm creatively challenged so I'll be turning to PaPaYa! for a little help. If you're not sure how to add creative abandon to your life, a good place to start would be by picking up a postcard, magnet or even "Love Letter" from PaPaYa!. --Emily

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