Thursday, October 23, 2008

excellent Etsy find: PrettyBabyBowtique

I've just decided to add a random feature on that's hot! thursdays called "excellent Etsy find." I have been stumbling across way too many fabulous Etsy shops to keep them all to myself, and I'm sure my friends are getting weary of my emails telling them about another Etsy boutique they simply must visit. So now I'm sharing them with you!

While looking for a gift for my daughter's friend I tried Etsy's "Shop Local" feature where you can enter a location and Etsy will find boutiques in that area. I search for Utah boutiques and received around 100 results. Browsing through the shops I couldn't believe the overwhelming talent found right in my backyard! After a few pages I found just what I was looking for at PrettyBabyBowtique.

PrettyBabyBowtique has the sweetest collection of "no slip" clips, flowers, and bows along with crocheted headbands and hats. All her flowers and bows are attached to no-slip clips so they will stay put in even the finest hair, and all ribbon is heat cut and sealed so you don't have to worry about fraying--a really good thing since my baby uses her clippes as teethers!

I did some major shopping at PrettyBabyBowtique and the store's owner was wonderful! She set up a custom listing as soon as I messaged her with what I wanted. (I did some early Christmas shopping so it was quite the list--those hats with the flowers are a great gift!) I was able to mix and match hat colors and flowers and she even had me check out past sales to see if there were something I'd like. But probably my favorite thing about this boutique is her prices--they are so much more affordable than the ones at the mall kiosk where I've previously purchased my headbands and bows. My custom order list was long but it didn't come close to sabotaging my budget!

Orders are shipped within 48 hours after receiving payment and even as soon as 12 whenever possible. Mine was shipped the same day! Plus if you order more than three items you'll get free shipping on your order (see store details). PrettyBabyBoutique is definitely a most excellent Etsy find! --Emily

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Michelle Smiles said...

Oh I am loving the hats and wondering if I could possibly convince the child to keep one on! She loves to play with hats but rarely keeps them on longer than 2 minutes.