Monday, October 20, 2008

Jamie Bird: 'From Basement Selling to Big Box Selling'

A couple weeks ago Startup Princess featured an article by Jamie Bird of the Wet happened? wet bag titled "From Basement Selling to Big Box Selling," and the title had me hooked. For many mompreneurs, landing a big-box retail account would be a dream come true and I was anxious to learn more about Jamie's experience. The article did not disappoint!

From flying to corporate headquarters last minute to finding a manufacturer to desiging the perfect packaging, Jamie fills readers in on her journey from sewing in her basement to manufacturing overseas. Here is an excerpt from the article:

When I heard 200 stores, it seemed easy since I already sold to 50. I mean, how hard could it be to add a few more? Little did I realize that big box is completely different than dealing with boutiques or online e-tailers.
"From Basement Selling to Big Box Selling" is one of the best articles I've read so far because it gives a mompreneur's perspective on the process. Even if your dream is to have 100 high-end boutiques carry your line instead of the local big-box retailer, Jamie's experience and advice applies to you. I guarantee you will learn something from her, and learning something new is a great way to spend your mompreneur monday! --Emily

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Susie said...

I read this article when it was originally posted and you are is VERY good. Full of information and very eye opening:-)