Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MAGHOUND: all your favorite magazines for one low price

I don't subscribe to very many magazines because I either can't keep up with the reading (Time once a week was killing me) or I get bored before my year or two subscription is up. Plus subscribing to more than one or two magazines at a time is tough on the budget, so what's a magazine junkie to do? Today's wonderful web wednesday brings you MAGHOUND, the new online membership service that lets you "choose, change, and manage all the magazines delivered to your home for one low monthly fee."

First you choose your level of membership, from three titles ($4.95 per month) to five ($7.95 per month) to seven ($9.95 per month) and up (an additional $1 per title). MAGHOUND has hundreds of magazines to choose from. To see if your favorite magazine is on MAGHOUND, click here. You can browse by top sellers, subject or search by keyword. Then you customize your package by how many titles per month you'd like. From there you can manage your account online--replace, cancel or add magazines anytime. Sounds too good to be true but the only catch I've found is that some magazines are tagged as "premium" and require an additional fee per month.

Though $60 a year sounds like a lot for a subscription, if you add up three of your current magazine subscriptions I bet they'll be close to this price or more. And I highly doubt Real Simple is going to let you change their magazine for People with just the click of the mouse.

Right now MAGHOUND is offering a 30-day free membership. They claim "no hidden commitments and no obligation to continue." You are able to cancel your membership "anytime, online, 24 hours a day, with no cancellation fees." I say it's definitely worth a try! And though they don't offer gift certificates (yet), MAGHOUND would be a great gift this holiday season. --Emily

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