Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why laundry sometimes takes twice as long to fold

I find I'm rather enjoying digressing from the typical posting schedule. Today would normally be a wonderful web wednesday but instead I give you a glimpse of daily life in the Hill home. (You'll probably get a few more glimpses here and there--it's just too much fun!)

I rarely have anything to smile about when it comes to doing laundry. It's right up there with scrubbing toilets, but I had to chuckle yesterday when my two youngest decided to lend a hand folding their clothes. Yes, the video is two and a half minutes long, but it's a great song! Anyone else have fabulous helpers in their midst? --Emily


mom said...

I love your little helpers...send them down here...I need lots of help!
Love the post and would like to see more!

Bri said...

Folding laundry was never so much fun. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! :)Loved it. Will share with Bee! XOXOXOXOXO