Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kandee the make-up artist: a treat for makeup junkies everywhere!

I may not be a makeup junkie like my good friend Becky (she needs a separate carry-on for her makeup bag) but I do love learning about the latest trends when it comes to skin care and makeup application.

I recently stumbled upon Kandee Johnson and her blog, kandee the make-up artist, from Tammy over at A Mom in Red High Heels. She featured one of her past YouTube videos in a post around Valentine's Day and I've been a subscriber to Kandee's blog ever since. She features everything from how to create specific looks (all natural, 80's glam rock, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie...the list goes on) and her favorite skin care products (St. Tropez Everyday Face self tanner is one of them) to her top choices in makeup lines and colors and even how to design your own off-the-shoulder t-shirt. She'll even let you see what's inside her purse!

I love her latest how-to video, "Teeth so white you gotta wear shades..." It gives a surprisingly simple technique for whitening your teeth without those annoying strips (I can never remember to wear mine more than a couple days) or paying the high price of custom trays from your dentist. I'm not going to spoil the fun--you'll have to watch and learn for yourself!

When it comes to makeup application some of us have two left hands. Kandee can give you a few tips and tricks to fix that problem all while helping you get a dazzling white smile! --Emily

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