Thursday, April 30, 2009

Follow that blog: The Mud Bug

We have a full that's hot! thursday for you today with another post (and one soon to follow with the best entry for the latest ANTB HOH competition!). Along with making friends with some fabulous new women I've been introduced to some new blogs like Life Starring Ellie and Eve, which I featured yesterday. Today I have another fab blog for you: The Mud Bug.

The Mud Bug
, named after Toni's little boy, features a variety of topics, reviews, giveaways along with parenting advice, recipes and fun insights into the author's family life. With five children I'm amazed at what she accomplishes with her blog! How does she find the time to do it all?!?! Here's a bit about Toni from Toni herself:

As for me, I love to laugh, play with my children and read (although not much time lately for this). I am a very giving person. To me, blogging is relaxing. I get excited when writing a blog post, review, etc. because I know that I am able to give to my readers.

Show this babe of a blogger some comment love by visiting her site, subscribing to her newsletter and/or her RSS feed and returning here to let us know you did.

Though you should do it out of the goodness of your heart, we'll sweeten the suggestion by offering a special code for
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Now hurry! Go follow The Mud Bug blog! --Emily

1 comment:

mom said...

Just added it as one of my "favs".
A very fun site...even for old moms like me!