Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Like, totally!

Okay, I am so totally, like la-ame! Oh my gosh! I lay my, like, totally styled head down on my way comfy pillow and two most excellent dreamy hours later I find out I’ve totally, like, missed another MomDot “America’s (totally gnarly) Next Top Blogger” competition! Gag me with a virtual spoon! The competition is over but the challenge was so totally killer I wanted to, like, totally participate so it didn’t look sketchy.

Christy was the winner…again…and while that’s totally killer I’m thinking what-ever! One of these days I will totally win because not winning is so totally, like, bogus! Of course I’ve been bugging over this way crazy totally virtual contest since it started and I’m like, “No freakin’ way! Are these radical women (hey, they may be, like, my competitors but they’re still pretty gnarly) like, totally glued to their computers?!?!” I am so having a cow over missing the competitions, but I’m totally thinking it’s, like, totally radical I have yet to be on the chopping block. That chopping block thing is so totally bogus! Fer sure!

Oh my gosh! But what is totally to the max cool is we girls now have our very own, totally awesome hashtag on Twitter. If you’re a totally rad Twitterer and so, like, totally into tweeting then you have to follow us. Just search for #antb. If you’re don’t you’re, like, totally one of those losers I would never let my blonde-haired-blue-eyed head think twice about. Gag me with that same virtual spoon again! What-EVER! --Emily

Photo by martha madness, shared via Flickr.


Doré said...

Emily, this was too funny! I'm glad you got your valley girl post in... I had a blast with mine!!

Good luck!!

the girls of gt said...

Your post was great, too! LOVED it!

Stacey said...

Oh my gawd, yours was like totally better than mine

the girls of gt said...

Whatever, Stacey! Yours was a lot of fun too!

mom said...

Wow...that was hilarious...good job!

Gena said...

WOOHOOO On the Valley Girl talk!