Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I need the Hoover Stick Vacuum

MomDot's America's Next Top Blogger is down to the final three, and today's challenge is to beg, grovel, whine--whatever it takes--to fabulous, wonderful Toni from The Mud Bug. The winner receives not only Toni's undying devotion (okay, that wasn't part of the rules but it sounds pretty good!) but the new Hoover Stick Vacuum. Here is my entry, and if you know my kids you know this video only scrapes the surface of the need for this vacuum in my home!

A few notes for you, Toni, since I didn't have time to edit this into the video:

George's preschool friends (unbeknownst to them) are helping me with this competition. They performed these special circus numbers this morning just for you!

  • In the first song they're telling you how many days a week I'll use this vacuum (it's more like hourly rather than daily).
  • In the second song they're telling me to NEVER GIVE UP!
  • In the third song George is jumping for joy that I found you and The Mud Bug!
  • In the fourth George is literally jumping through hoops to help his mom win this competition!
  • And the last part shows how my fate hangs in the "balance" depending on your decision.
The rest of the video is pretty self-explanatory! Don't let the 9-minute length scare you. I promise it will fly by--my kids are hilarious and they don't even try! Enjoy! --Emily

P.S. Pick me! Pick me!


tara said...

oh this was a cute video Emily!

mom said...

That was hilarious! Those are the cutest grandkids! I sure don't want to be hauling out that behemoth vacuum when I'm there babysitting...please Trish & Toni...pick Em!

Doré said...

I love it Emily!!

You and your kids are all so cute!

Your little girl and Brayden would get along great! They both love to make a mess all over the floor with their food!! I swear Brayden won't even eat unless it's on the floor! A plate with a fork and spoon. HA freakin' HA! In my dreams!

I'm ready for the final 3 competitions... and a little nervous! Just excited I have NOTHING to do tomorrow or tonight for that matter... except for take care of my kid... there's always that!!