Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vote for me by 7pm central!

Okay, the latest HOH ("head of household") competition is up and Trisha is making us call in all our favors from Facebook friends and Twitter followers alike! In this challenge the ANTB competitor with the most votes by 7pm central time wins (opposite from the typical "most votes gets evicted" thing) and will get to immediately boot anyone they choose from the list without anybody else voting. It's one vote and that one vote decides.

I have yet to win an HOH challenge since I'm usually doing something unimportant like bathing kids, feeding the family or showering (okay, I guess showering isn't all that important unless it's been a few days). But I would absolutely love to win for once!

No need to register or sign up for an account of any sort. Just click the link below, select Emily from Georgie Tees and hit "VOTE." That's it! It will only take you a few seconds to show your love and support...or at least a friendly nod in my direction. And here's an added bonus: If I win I'll create a special discount code for use at georgie tees!

I must warn you, this may not be the last time I enlist your help, but MomDot's America's Next Top Blogger competition will be over in a few days so there is an end in sight! Love you all! --Emily

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