Friday, April 24, 2009

Everybody loves a crisp dollar bill!

In the ongoing saga that is my ANTB life, we have a quirky-yet-fun HOH challenge this weekend. The latest from Trisha and America's Next Top Blogger is to give a crisp $1 bill to whomever needs/deserves/wants it the most!

In this economy, who doesn't need a little extra spending money? With your new dollar bill you could buy a pack of gum (to help you keep your mouth shut when a new bailout bill is passed), a McDouble (the best way to drown economic sorrow is with grease and fat) or even a your own set of play dollar bills (so you can fake being rich). The possibilities are endless!

Kim from What's That Smell? has already left her story and it could be hard to beat, but I know our freshly baked readers have just as much, if not more, imagination that that! The ANTB competition will be over soon and I'm jonesing for the win, so help me out by leaving a comment telling Trisha why YOU deserve her crisp $1 bill. If you win she'll send you her dollar--just don't spend it all in one place.

Remember to say Emily sent you--if you win, I win--and comment before Monday morning! And life this competition is really all about being the last blogger standing! --Emily

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