Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anne Taintor is my kind of humor!

It's been a while since I've done a that's hot! thursday post but my recent Daily Dish review on Anne Taintor's vintage-style, humor-infused products gave me the perfect excuse to do another one. Haven't heard of Anne Taintor? Then let me fill you in! Below is my review of what will soon be your go-to gift for female family members and friends alike. Say hello to Anne Taintor!

Anne TaintorTo be honest I wouldn't know if it's actually better than Prozac since I've never taken the stuff. Apparently I should be on it or something similar since Utah is the nation's top offender when it comes to prescription medication abuse...but I digress as I usually do. My point is, if you're an overworked, overstressed, over-housewifed, under- appreciated or occasionally disenchanted woman (or all of the above) then you'll totally get--and love--the Anne Taintor humor. And yes, this laughter is better than any medicine!

Anne Taintor "is the Original Vintage Humor Company"--and I believe it! The products feature a collage with a Taintorette (based on old black-and-white vintage photos of women) and a smart and sassy (and sometimes naught) phrase. I received one of their eco-friendly shopper bags (not yet on the site) and a note set. The shopper's tagline? "The secret ingredient was resentment." The punchline on the note set? "Stop me before I volunteer again." Now THAT one is one of my favorites--and I'm sure you're smiling by now too!

Anne TaintorThe Anne Taintor product line includes everything from compact cases, luggage tags and pill boxes to notepads, sticky notes and file folders like the one I have on my desk: "The day was in dire need of a Ctrl+Alt+Delete." If you want to laugh for ten minutes straight, pick up an Anne Taintor catalog. I kid you not, I read that thing like it was a Far Side book! And every time I laughed out loud I'd have to tell my husband the latest Taintorette who had me doubled over. (I think he tuned me out after the fifth TV interruption but I kept on reading!)

One of my favorite features on the Anne Taintor site is "Find Your Favorite Taintorette." It's an easy way to see which products are available in your favorite laugh-out-loud sayings. Pretty much every Taintorette has a special place in my heart (I swear I could be BFFs with most of them) but here are my top five:

  • "I believe we have an opportunity to make some extremely poor choices"
  • "Together, we will own your grandparents"
  • "If by 'happy' you mean trapped with no means of escape...? Then yes, I'm happy"
  • "Male refrigerator blindness claims another victim"
  • "Damn straight I keep score"

Anne TaintorAnd those are only five out of about 100 different Taintorettes! What a really love about Anne Taintor is the universal humor. I'm sure you can relate to at least a dozen Taintorettes and know sisters, moms and girlfriends that can relate to another dozen or so. With so many products from which to choose, you have a gift perfect for every woman on your list! Mother's Day is just around the corner, and nothing says motherhood like a "Remember sweetheart... Mommy loves you, but she doesn't have to like you" magnet! --Emily


tara said...

How fun are those!? Thanks for introducing me :D

Kristina P. said...

I have seen some of those pictures around on people's blogs, and I thought they were so funny!

I will have to check her out!