Monday, April 13, 2009

A BlogCoach How-to on Giveaways

With an increase in blogging comes an increase in giveaways. It use to be you had to go to a company's site, opt in to their email newsletter or enter some form of personal information and then wait to hear if you'd won. (I'm still waiting.) Now you can't throw a virtual stone without hitting a giveaway. You can even find sites like Prizey that are virtual clearinghouses for the latest and greatest giveaways.

Don't get me wrong, it's a truly wonderful phenomenon! I've actually scored a pair of Alias Premium Denim jeans and a $35 gift certificate to Cinnamon Sticks. Before those wins I could count myself among those who honestly say, "I never win anything!" Blog giveaways have changed my life (and upped my jean count--hooray!).

If you're a blogger and looking to drive more traffic to your site, a giveaway is a great way to do so. But how do you join the giveaway scene and host a successful giveaway? BlogCoach's recent post "How to Host Effective Blog Giveaways" is a quick-start how-to for getting into the giveaway game. The post highlights four main points for making sure your giveaway is a success:

  • Find great items to give away
  • Streamline giveaway admin (who knew you could use Google Docs to make your giveaway life easier?)
  • Maximize the benefit to your sponsor (this one is super important)
  • Prevent and eliminate duplicate entries
Angie goes into detail for each of these four points and even "seasoned" giveaway bloggers like myself (you've entered at least one or two Daily Dish giveaways by now, right?!?!) will learn something new. And if you'd like some additional reading (and prefer to learn from someone else's experience), check out BlogCoach's popular post, "Blog Giveaway Gone Wrong."

It's a crazy, giveaway world whether you're entering or hosting. Good luck! --Emily

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