Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I should be named America's Next Top Blogger

Normally today would be a favorite recipe or foodie blog, but I'm scrapping all that in favor of my speech for the America's Next Top Blogger jury, which by the way is made up of seven super fabulous, super sexy, wonderful women!

It's down to the final two and I am here to plead my case to the aforementioned amazingly-beautiful-inside-and-out jury members. To show a little blog/link love, here are the jury members' names and sites. They all deserve a visit, a comment and a new subscriber. In no particular order because they're all #1 in my book:

So with the deadline in less than 10 hours I'm off with my Flip Mino (I would have never survived this competition without it!) to plead my case. And unless I want to self-tape using a mirror I have to do it now before Nathan goes to bed. I've decided to keep my vlog short and sweet. My strategy? A top 10 list as part of the vlog. Here's a preview!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Should be Voted America's Next Top Blogger

10. I'm a reality TV newbie who competed against reality TV junkies in a competition designed by a reality TV junkie and stood my ground.

9. At 3:00 a.m. in the morning I went through three sets of batteries, put my camera on self timer, posed in Victoria's Secret underwear, high-heel boots and false eyelashes all for an ANTB challenge...which I didn't even win! (I have to admit, I thought Miss Blondie's was the best entry--go, K-Fed!)

8. I've shown serious HOH challenge skills. No, they're not as cool as nunchuck skills but they're close! I am now an excellent page refresher and post commenter. I may even go pro.

7. You've seen my Hoover video (I hope) and the huge vacuum I use to clean up the small messes that happen all too frequently. Hoover. Stick. Vacuum. Enough said.

6. The last thing I won can't remember the last time I won something though I did win a treasure chest (i.e. flimsy cardboard box) full of games from a cereal box back in elementary school.

5. If I win I will put an end to world hunger, ensure world peace, reverse global warming and feature each of the juror's blogs in a separate post on my blog. Well, I'm pretty sure I can pull of the last one at least.

4. My husband is scarred for life after helping jam food into my mouth while I was gagging. He ought to get some reward, and my happiness is always his greatest reward!

3. My oldest daugher has followed ANTB and asks me every morning about the latest challenge and whether or not I won. I want to show her that yes, dreams really do come true!

2. When I thought I'd won the vacuum by winning this morning's challenge I jumped for joy with George and told him he had helped Mommy win. You should have seen his face--he was all smiles! Are you going to disappoint a blue-eyed, towheaded three-year-old?

And the #1 reason I should be named America's Next Top Blogger:

1. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnet, people like me!"

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