Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unclutterer helps you get and stay organized

I am one of those people who has a hard time functioning if the bed isn't made and my desk is in disarray. Though I used to be much more organized before a husband and four children entered the picture, I still do my best to keep cupboards and closets uncluttered. Many days I fail (I'm the only one interested in a clutter-free home around here) but I do achieve small successes here and there, and that gives me hope. Of course much of the clutter is due to those aforementioned children and they do grow up all to quickly, so I'm doing my best to ignore the buckets of Barbie clothes, orphaned shoes, and tower of powerful mini magnets on top of the fridge (um, that's actually my husband's tower) and enjoy the chaos while I still can.

Where did all that come from and where am I going with such a lengthy intro? For those who thrive on organization or aspire to thriving on organization, Unclutterer is for you. Unclutterer is "not just for the helplessly disorganized who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to them, and pack rats looking to put their stashes on a diet, but also for obsessive compulsive neat freaks looking to squeeze even more order into their lives." The site offers tips, strategies, product reviews, and reader questions. It also offers a heated debate once in a while. (Check out the comments on Semi-homemade cooking for busy people, a post highlighting Sandra Lee's cookbook.) I love the Unitasker Wednesday posts, which "humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes." My favorites? Food molds and the Spinmallow.

You'll find lots of tips on organization from magazines like Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, but I'm pretty sure they're not nearly as much fun to read and down-to-earth as Unclutterer. --Emily

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