Monday, March 24, 2008

do you aspire to a 4-hour work week?

I have never thought of a 4-hour work week as a goal of mine but after reading the first chapter of Timothy Ferriss The 4-Hour Work Week I'm thinking of setting a belated New Year's Resolution. As a business owner is a 4-hour work week even possible? From what I've read, it is. The first chapter of his book has me so intrigued the book is awaiting purchase in my shopping cart. Apparently my husband's heard about this book as well and is just as anxious to read what insight Ferriss shares beyond the first few pages.

You could read an endless, and I mean endless, list of money management and business management books but as a mom and business owner do you really have the time? The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch gives you the first chapter of The 4-Hour Work Week so you can have a taste of what Ferriss has to offer before investing any more time reading it. (Most of us don't yet have a 4-hour work week so time is precious!)

Many of us own our business because we love what we're doing but that doesn't mean we don't want to spend more time with our family, and having a little extra money doesn't hurt either. If you've read a great money or business management book please share it with us. reviews are helpful but hearing what other moms and women business owners like is even better! --Emily

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