Monday, March 10, 2008

easy hair trends

Summer months are just around the corner and shedding some layers and adding color doesn't just mean clothing, it also means hair. Some of the hottest new hair trends will even be "mom" friendly.

Last year it was the Pob, made famous by Victoria Posh Beckham (Posh+bob=Pob). This year it's back to basics with the Bob, a bit longer and less A-line. This cut is great because it's simple, sleek and easy to manage.

The Fringe is fun and can help add a fresh look to those of us who might find it difficult to take off the length. BTW, Heidi Klum is also sporting another fashion trend for 2008, the nude with sheer look.

The Crop is the most daring, but as you can see on the right side of our blog Emily pulls it off fabulously! It's so young and fresh and although you need a lot of confidence to pull this one off, it would make for one easy do!

Some of the hottest hair color trends for Spring 2008 are dirty blonde, platinum blonde, and auburn red (not red). You can check out the latest trends for yourself at along with all the other latest trends in clothing, makeup, eyeglasses and more.--LeShan

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