Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i like bugs!

As a mother I know practically all the songs to the latest kid shows. But one of my personal favorites is the one on 'Yo Gabba Gabba' which goes something like "I like bugs, I like bugs, I like bugs, I like bugs!" (I'm sure the person who wrote that one probably had plenty of late nights.) But I actually do have a point, and that is I like bugs! The "good" bugs that is...the kind you find in yogurt and other probiotic dairy products like Kefir.

Lifeway is an ingenious company that came up with several Kefir products and a new one called Probugs that's great for kids. Kefir has 10 active "good" bugs whereas yogurt has maybe 2 or 3. That's good for us because it helps our bodies fight disease, strengthen our immune system, and keep our digestive systems healthy.

Lifeway was nice enough to let us review their Probugs kefir, and I have to say I'm impressed. I'll tell you straight up I don't like yogurt; it makes me gag so I was nervous to try it. My first impression? Not bad, definitely something I could get used to especially when I know I am doing something good for myself. Now, my kids' take on it--YUM! That's saying a lot, coming from the world's 4 pickiest eaters!

The packaging is fun and makes any kid want to dive right in. It also comes in 3 fun flavors: Orange Creamy Crawler, Gooberry Pie, and Sublime Slime Lime (say that 5 times fast). My kids thought I was feeding them a milkshake and wanted to eat it for every meal and problem with that! So I will now be re-stocking the fridge with more Probugs. Lucky for me they are located at most grocery stores and health food stores. Hope the kids won't mind sharing with me, maybe I'll grow up and buy the the adult version,
Kefir. --LeShan


the girls of gt said...

My kids LOVE yogurt so I'd bet they would gobble these up! Thanks for the great find!

Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

Thanks for posting about this! Christopher has gotten so picky and has been sick this winter, so I know this would help his body. I can't wait to try to find some tomorrow. Hopefully he will enjoy it as much as your children do!