Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the secret life of a soccer mom

This week I am thankful for a new show on TLC called "The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom." Hosted by Tracey Gold (yes, the straight-A sister of oh-so-cute Kirk Cameron on "Growing Pains") the show gives a stay-at-home mom the chance to secretly live the life she gave up to raise her family. Can any of you relate?

Though I don't have one specific dream job or dream career I gave up, I fight the daily battle between business and family. I love my children to pieces but I love trying to grow a busine
ss. I often wish I had 8 straight hours a day to work (my husband's heard this song before) but it's just not possible with two under the age of three at home and two more in elementary school. And of course they're only young once! Other days I wish I had 8 straight hours to play without the worry of out-of-stock inventory, surprise bills, and trying to grow a business on a very small budget. How many of us have secret lives, secret wishes, secret dreams?

If you missed Monday's show it was fabulous. (Warning: spoiler ahead so if you plan to watch the show skip to the next paragraph!) Katie, who in a previous life was an award-winning chef, had the opportunity of working as a chef in Chocolat Restaurant & Bar in Los Angeles. After many ups and a few downs she got rave reviews from the food critics (ever so hard to please) and in the end was offered a full-time position. What really hit home were the tears she shed as she turned down the offer so she could raise her two preschoolers and continue to mold them into the men she knows they can be (almost a direct quote). My heart broke for her as she again put her dream on hold and yet I cheered because she chose family first.

"The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom" airs every Monday at 10/9c on TLC and is a must-watch in my book. And I say three cheers to all you soccer moms out there who have given up a dream or two to mold your own little ones into the wonderful people they are destined to become. --Emily

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