Thursday, March 6, 2008

sew for sanity

''The most dangerous of our impulses reign in ourselves against ourselves. To dissolve them is a creative act."
~ Hugo von Hofmannsthal

One of the best things that helps me get straightened out after I've been bent out of whack is to sew. When I get behind my sewing machine it's like having a session with a therapist--not that I know what that's like, I'm saving that for when my kids move-out. I am always so thankful when I can find the time to create something. When I can focus my thoughts and energies into a project it helps me unwind.

And so it is with all of us when we are able to use our creative energy. Whether you like to garden or paint or write poetry, or whatever it is we probably don't tap into that creative side nearly enough. Challenge yourself to set aside time to create something that you love to do. Put together that scrap book or photo album, paint a wall in your home. Do something special for yourself, because you can't take care of other's unless you are taking care of yourself. --LeShan

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