Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so glad the girls from Whatever Hollywood don't like to wait!

You're going to love today's wonderful web wednesday. Thanks to Hungry Girl I've discovered Whatever Hollywood, a compilation of fantastically entertaining shorts all produced, directed, and starring three wonderfully talented girls:

WhateverHollywood.com is the collaboration of three creative friends, Suri, Apple and Shiloh. Though the respective TV host, actress, and singer have each enjoyed considerable success, they deplored the slow and political prototype that they call 'Hollywood 1.0.' Simply said, these girls were bad... at waiting. So Whatever Hollywood! They'd upgrade and do it themselves in their studio apartment with the help of Final Cut Pro, sparkly fabrics, low-carb pizzas and lots of enthusiasm.
Though they no longer have the help of their low-carb pizzas (find out why in Love at First Bite) the girls from Whatever Hollywood work magic in front of a green screen (aka "the green sheet" from Joanne Fabrics). With spring around the corner and thoughts of Mystic Tan in the air, enjoy Whatever Hollywood's Spray Tan Rap (and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes short...you'll definitely laugh out loud). --Emily

*** The Girls need your vote! They are in YouTube's Sketchies2 Top 20 , the biggest sketch comedy of the year. Check out their homepage for how you can help them make the Top 10 for a chance to win some serious cash. (Think of all the low-carb pizzas they'll be able to buy on the black market!) You can vote once a day so once you've got the voting system down make it a part of your daily routine through Wednesday, March 19th. ***

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pedro said...

the best site ever!
with the most beautiful and talented girls! :)