Monday, March 24, 2008

the color of spring

Don't you just love color? Color can invoke a mood or a memory. Sometimes you can even tell whether a person is happy, sad, shy, or outgoing, just by the colors they choose. Yep, color is a powerful thing.

Blue Iris happens to be THE color for 2008 according to Pantone, which is a complete contrast to 2007's Chili Pepper Red. If you're wondering what other colors are going to be big for 2008, check out Fashion Trendsetter or, COLOURlovers blog will show you the latest trends. Although these are the hottest colors for Spring, I like what the author of COULORlovers says about following your intuition;

The Color Of You
Blue and green are excellent colors, and they pair well with one another. I’m sure the professionals that study color trends know more than I do about the direction color is heading. As an artist, however, there is a deep-seeded belief that wants to rebel against mainstream ideas and icons. Colors that easily become accepted metaphors without the aid of outside visual stimulus are useful in society. Breaking down familiar metaphors to establish new forms, and to continue to challenge the boundaries of culture is also necessary to avoid becoming stagnant.
No matter the color of the year, follow honest, intuitive ideas. Trends come and go. Passionate art is potentially infinite.

My intuition says I'm thrilled to see that blue is big this season! It's calming and alive. That could be a motto to live by for 2008.--LeShan

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