Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saving money is more stylish than ever!

In today's economy it's all about saving money. Fortunately I've never been a full-price shopper so buying things on sale, and especially clearance, comes naturally. Sometimes it takes a bit of patience while you wait for that must-have sweater to go on sale. And once in a while I experience the pain of disappointment when the skirt I want is sold out by the time I am ready to buy it. But I get over it quickly as I look for the next great deal. That's not to say you shouldn't pay full price for a high-quality wardrobe staple (or a fabulous and comfy pair of heels), but most of the time paying full price is just plain silly.

Fortunately for us a lot of retailers are cutting prices more often and by a higher percentage as they too feel the crunch of the economy. I swear Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Esprit, The Children's Place and many others are sending me more emails than ever about special sales and markdowns. Anyone else noticing their Inbox filling up rather quickly? In the spirit of saving and on this
fashion trend tuesday, I thought I'd share my recent budget-friendly purchases. (Just don't tell my husband; he doesn't know about all of these...yet.)

Victoria's Secret Hooded Pajama set (Not exactly what my husband had in mind and for some reason it doesn't look that sexy on a normal person like me...)

$19.99 regularly $39.50

Victoria's Secret Empire-Waist Wool Coat (This isn't the exact coat; perhaps they've already sold out. Mine is a similar style but hip length.)

$99 regulary $148 (mine was $65 regularly about $125)

New James Jeans via ebay (I love ebay for designer denim. Just make sure you go by measurements--waist, rise, inseam--and not size!)

regularly $100+

Anthropologie Frosted Sigh Blouse (I justified this purchase because I had a $20 gift card--thanks, Bri!)

$59.95 regularly $118

Have you found any great deals in the past few weeks? Do you have any favorite websites and/or blogs you watch for upcoming deals and specials? We'd love to know! --Emily

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