Thursday, February 5, 2009

from prom date to exhibiting artist

When an old (okay, we're not that old...yet) high school friend turns out to be a fantastically amazing artist, I find that the perfect subject for a that's hot! thursday post. Though I was looking far from hot in our prom picture David Lindsay looked rather dapper in his tux...and we did have a really fun time. Over sixteen years later we have reconnected via Facebook, and after a couple wall posts I discovered my good friend now has exhibits from Oregon to Italy.

When I first browsed some of his work online I was left speechless--and that's happens only rarely. I wish I could speak intelligently about his artwork and exhibitions but art was never one of my strong subjects. (Actually, it was never really a subject at all.) For those who know a bit about it, here is David's take on his work:

My work focuses on the interaction between images of the human form and the structured, three-dimensional surfaces upon which the figures are depicted. ... This visual relationship speaks of the push and pull between perception/identity of the individual perceived. Creating this type of metaphorical relationship allows me to explore ideas about how we depict and perceive ourselves within a vast, complexly structured society.
I would love to say more about his work but I could never do it justice; you'll just have to see it for yourself. --Emily

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