Friday, February 20, 2009

"The Fab Fifteen for Foodies" is one tasty post!

You will see me featuring posts from MomDot quite often. It's one of my favorite blogs and it always has great posts. For quite a few weeks now my food for thought friday posts have been actual recipes. It's about time I offered a side dish dedicated to some yummy food-related sites. Fortunately MomDot has already done a great job compiling a list of tasty sites, most of which I'd never heard about before. Nothing whets the appetite like discovering an array of new recipes!

In "The Fab Fifteen for Foodies" Victoria (from Life Starring Ellie and Eve) has compiled a list of fifteen fantastic foodie sites: "If you didn’t know, I love food…but since I am not a cook, the closest to gourmet we are going to have in my house are the pictures I can pull up on the Internet. So, who’s hungry?" (That would be me raising my hand in response to Victoria's question...)

It is totally worth your time to check out all fifteen sites. They are all very different, and we all know variety is the spice of life! Here are my favorites from the list:

  • A Year of Crockpotting--Yes, a crockpot recipe for every day of the year! (And no, I didn't know "crockpotting" was a word!)
  • Chocolate and Zucchini--Okay, I admit it. The main reason I love this site is its name. Chocolate zucchini brownies are one of my favorite desserts!
  • Lunch in a Box--Right now my kids' lunches are more "hot lunch from the cafeteria" rather than homemade, but I've always been intrigued by bentos and this site is a great resource.
Of course there are twelve others on the list, so visit them and see if any of them tempt your tastebuds. I'll get back to posting recipes next week. I have a few you just have to try! --Emily

"Most vegetables are something God invented to let women get even with their children. A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something brussels sprouts never do." ~P.J. O'Rourke

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cici said...

I love use Crockpot. Its easy and simple. they cook everything.