Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cheeky & swank: the perfect combination

I much prefer doing a take it off tuesday than a fashion trend tuesday. Exercise and fitness is much more my thing than the latest styles and trends but since my brownie, bread and Oreo diet isn't having the desired effects I'm not feeling the fitness thing this week. What I am feeling is super cute styles for parents and baby, and that's what Cheeky & Swank is all about!

Cheeky & Swank, a company "for cheeky kids & swank parents," has something for everyone, from bibs and burp cloths for baby to stylish tees and bags for moms and dads. One of my favorite items is their Magna-Bib. Kind of sounds like a superhero, doesn't it? And it just might be with its high-temperature, special magnets hidden in the neck. The magnetic closure means no scratchy Velcro and no snagged tights coming out of washer or dryer. Velcro is probably my least favorite. The tie-on bib is a step above because it stays secure but it can be quite the battle trying to tie it on a very hungry, very squirmy baby. I love the idea of a bib with a magnetic closure. Thank you, Cheeky & Swank!

Beyond bibs the company also has a beautiful collection of blankets, burp cloths and slings. And let's not forget about those swank parents! I absolutely love their Blushing Bird and Madame Butterfly tees for Mom and Owl messenger bag. Their tees for Dad are pretty cool too (the V-Dub long-sleeve is my fave). Oh, and I forgot to mention their cute line of apparel for kids. I just might have to purchase the Miss Peacock smocked top for my little girl. So sweet!

In our house being cheeky will either get you in trouble (those over the age of 8) or make Mom & Dad laugh (those under the age of 4). And style has nothing to do with it. If you're looking for that perfect combination you'll want to check out Cheeky & Swank. They've got it down perfectly! --Emily

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