Wednesday, February 4, 2009

love and chocolate

I am really trying hard to get a new post up every weekday but some days you're going to have to settle for a lame post like this one or no post at all. That's just how life works around here. I would love to have a bit more time to treat you to a true wonderful web wednesday post but instead I am spending the rest of my evening writing my guest post for Mom It Forward. The title? "Do you have a love affair with chocolate?" Writing a wonderful web wednesday post or writing about chocolate? wonderful web wednesday or chocolate? Not the hardest decision I've ever made!

I believe the post will go live this Friday while the Mom It Forward women are attending BlissDom. (Wish I were going but my husband still doesn't get this whole social media/networking thing and I doubt he'd like me heading back east for a women-only blogging-related conference.) I'll be sure and link to it if it does. The Diet Coke and chocolate are kicking in so I'm off and writing! Have a great Wednesday--and may it be filled with lots and lots of chocolate! --Emily

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