Thursday, February 12, 2009

excellent Etsy find: HELICOPTER studios

I am so glad I subscribe to Cool Mom Picks' daily feed or I might not have discovered today's excellent Etsy find. Cool Mom Picks recently featured HELICOPTER studios and the shop's wonderful line of toys disguised as works of art.

The woman behind HELICOPTER studios is Shannon Duffy, who like many Etsy designers, created the first Discovery Tote for her family. I'm sure once others saw the fabulous totes word quickly spread and the result is her cute Etsy shop. Each wonderfully imaginative tote is one of a kind. They are hand stitched with different scenes and include pieces that actually move so children can let their imagination run wild. Now that's my kind of toy!

One of my favorite totes is the Fishing Tote. The fuchsia pom pom trim is to die for! The tote opens to a fuchsia polkadot fabric and three little fish. The fish are magnetic and can be picked up with the magnetic fishing pole. Everything folds up flat in the handy tote. Genius! I'm loving the idea of taking this on a road trip so I don't have to hear Animal Crossing music for hours on end.

My other favorite Discovery Totes from HELICOPTER studios are the Cars, Nest and A Day at the Beach totes. In fact, I love them all! Good luck deciding just which one to buy! --Emily


Liz said...

Thanks Georgie Tees! We love them--and you--too.

Shannon Duffy said...

Hi, I just found your blog entry on my work! I wanted to thank you for the very sweet words about Helicopter Studios. Sincerely, Shannon Duffy