Friday, February 6, 2009

my love affair with chocolate

Do I have a love affair with chocolate? Yes. Yes, I do. And I was able to write about it for Mom It Forward. It's not often you are asked to tell the world about a love affair so I took full advantage of the opportunity. Once it was out there I felt like the giant weight of secrecy had been lifted from my shoulders. Whew! No more hiding secret stashes of Oreos and dark chocolate in the topmost cupboard.

If you'd like a fun little read for today I would love you to check out my guest post, "Do you have a love affair with chocolate?" on Mom It Forward. Feel free to comment on it as well; admitting you have an addiction is the first step in recovery... --Emily

P.S. Don't go looking for my secret stash--I've moved it since I posted the article.

Photo by Coolmitch, shared via Flickr.

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