Thursday, February 19, 2009

More boutiques & more press--we're feelin' the love!

Even though Valentine's Day has come and gone (and so has the chocolate), we are still feeling the love here at georgie tees. We've added a few new online boutiques to our list of locations and had some great press. We kind of think all this love makes for a great that's hot! thursday post so check out the new boutiques and latest press coverage below. And if you don't think it's a great that's hot! thursday post, we have our fingers are in our ears while loudly saying "la la la la la la la" (i.e., we're not listening).

"Can you imagine being pregnant when maternity clothes consisted of bows, giant polka dots and oh....the mumu dress?! GAH! Thankfully, maternity clothes have come a long way since then, and georgie tees makes maternity clothing hip with their cheeky t-shirts."

"georgie tees specializes in 'freshly baked style for bellies and babies,' which translates to
super cute maternity and infant t-shirts, and is owned by friends Emily & LeShan."

"Tired of the same uninteresting tee shirts? Are your maternity clothes giving you the blues?
Add some humor to your wardrobe and your baby’s too with numerous entertaining fashion and selection from georgie tees. ..."

EA: "What has been the greatest success you’ve had so far in your business?"
Emily: "For us it is when we hear
complete strangers comment on our tees–or complete strangers wearing our tees!"

To view our entire list of locations you can visit our locations page on our website. For past press coverage or to view our press kit (it still needs a little updating so give us a few days), visit our press page. Thanks for letting us toot our own horn once again. We promise not to do it too often! --Emily

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