Monday, February 16, 2009

Missed BlissDom 09? Here's a great recap!

When I first heard about BlissDom 09 I felt like I didn't really need to go since blogging wasn't my main focus. Though I write for Boutique Cafe and Polliwogged, I am just one of a few contributing writers. And freshly baked is simply an extension of georgie tees. But the closer it got to BlissDom '09 and the more I saw my Twitter friends tweeting about it, the more I wished I had heard about it sooner, made the effort to find a few babysitters, booked a flight and attended one of the best women's blogging/networking/socializing conferences ever. I have already put BlissDom '10 on my list of must-do things for next year!

For those of us who didn't attend, today's mompreneur monday features a fantastic post from BlogCoach highlighting Ten Take-Away Tips from BlissDom 09. (The post makes me feel like I kind of had my own personal note-taker at the conference.) It's a wonderful wrap-up of what I'm sure was an information-packed (and party-packed) event. Though you really must read all ten tips, here are my three favorites:

  • Community isn't just a bonus aspect of blogging; it is CENTRAL to blogging.
  • Carrying an "idea book" allows you to jot down post ideas before you forget them.
  • It's completely okay not to post every day.
I especially love that last one. Bloggers, including myself, often feel a great amount of pressure to post every day, but sometimes life happens and blog posts don't happen. I know I've been there and felt guilty all day for not posting. I will no longer do so!

If you want to read more about BlissDom '09 and all the fabulous information gained by attendees, just do a search and you'll find a plethora of posts about the conference. BlissDom '09 has come and gone but it's not too early to look ahead to next year. Hope to see you there! --Emily

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Susie said...

It sounds like such a great conference. I wish I had a budget for it.