Thursday, February 5, 2009

excellent Etsy find: LeatherPrince Shop

It's been a while since my last excellent Etsy find. To tell you the truth I just plum forget about it come Wednesday night. My brain checks out for the weekend by then and it's all downhill from there. But I'm determined to get back into the habit and I have a great Etsy shop for you today.

LeatherPrince Shop offers the cutest hand-cut and hand-stitched designs by Beon and Candy, a husband and wife team. Beon, from Singapore, and Candy, from Taiwan, love working with colorful leather and enjoy making items together. (I wish I could learn how to work well alongside my husband, but that's another post.)

Most of their collection is made up of key chains though they do offer a few purses, iPod (LOVE the Taka Ninja in red) holders and coin pouches. Of the 118 key chains your bound to find one or two (or five) that strike your fancy. I'm lovin' Fiona the Owl and Ronnie the Raccoon and their juicy red apple key chain would make a wonderful end-of-the-school-year teacher gift. And they take custom orders, so if you'd prefer a hot pink ninja you need only ask! --Emily

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