Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stop digging through your jewelry!

For Christmas I received the most perfect pair of earrings from my good friend LeShan. She knows me so well! (I hope you bought a pair for yourself, babe!) The good news is I absolutely love them. The bad news is they're going to get lost amidst the ocean of earrings that is my jewelry box. Even though I've separated the dangly earrings from the posts it takes me a good five minutes to find a matching pair. The same goes for finding my favorite bracelet, and we won't even talk about the tangled mess that is my necklace collection.

That's why today's fashion trend tuesday features a simple yet stylish organizer for your jewelry--or at least for your favorites. The Petite Magnolia Jewelry Tree from Wrapables.com displays your necklaces and earrings on its branches. Plus it's much more decor friendly than using tiny picture nails in your closet to hang your necklaces! Standing 11 inches high, the Petite Magnolia Jewelry Tree comes in both silver and red, and right now it's on sale for 50% off! Let the post-Christmas shopping continue! (You'll need to shop for some new earrings and a bracelet or two, too...) --Emily

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