Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue Q: white elephant gifts, anyone?

December is quite possibly the busiest month when it comes to exchanging white elephant gifts. (If you don't know what a white elephant gift is, Wikipedia has you covered.) One of the best white elephant's I've ever seen was a gift box full of classic 80's earrings, from bright yellow plastic hoops to disco-ball-size fuschia discs. But what do you do when you don't have an old wedding gift on hand or a stash of 8-track tapes? Why, Blue Q of course!

Blue Q has offered the "very best quality" in gifts that are "life-improving, joy-bringing, mind-altering, universally praised since 1988." Their very first item--the gift that started it all--was the Flat Cat, a 14.5" x 11" die-cut cardboard with stand-up easel. Touted as the perfect pet and effective at scaring mice, Flat Cat should give you a pretty good idea of the types of items you'll find on Blue Q's site.

From the Instant Rehab Breath Spray to their very own Mullet Body/Car Wash (yes, body and car wash) Blue Q has the perfect something for every white elephant gift exchange you'll attend this season. And after the holidays you can shop Blue Q for a unique, unforgettable wedding shower (love the Dream Wedding Tin Bank) or 40th birthday gift (try the Mental Case Mid-Life Crisis Soap).

Though you'll find a lot of fun products on Blue Q, a few of their products are PG-13 and definitely not for 13-year-old eyes (some might not even be for legal-drinking-age eyes). If you're worried, steer clear of the Gum under Sweet Shop, some of their Stickers and their Festive Holiday Coasters (not so festive).

If you can avoid some of the more tasteless items you'll find a great selection of "treasures" for your holiday gifting. And their About Us page is rather entertaining. I think more companies should take such a lighthearted and fun approach to business. Of course it suits Blue Q perfectly! Happy white elephant hunting! --Emily

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