Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One More Story, pleeeease!

"Just one more book, Mom. Just this many." This is where my toddler holds up four fingers to show he wants me to read just one more book to him before bedtime. But it seems we find little time during the day to read books and so I love the idea behind the new site, One More Story.

One More Story
features an online library of children's books, from classic to contemporary. A child can use the mouse to click on the green button under a book's cover. When the book opens he can see the illustrations and listen as a professional narrator reads the story aloud. A text box highlights the words being read so beginning readers can follow along. One More Story's books even have original music for each book! The library includes books from ten different publishers and even has a few Caldecott Medal winners among the shelves.

One More Story also offers an "I Can Read It" mode for early readers. With the simple click of a button the sound is muted and your little reader can read the book on his own. If he doesn't recognize a word, he can click on it and the narrator will speak the word aloud. That is super cool!

Feel free to take a tour of the site before subscribing. A one-year subscription to One More Story is $44. That's less than $4 a month for a library consisting of just over 100 books! I'm all about books being a great gift for the holidays. What about a year's worth of books for the same price as that new video game? Sounds like a better deal to me! --Emily

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