Friday, December 12, 2008

Monkey-Toes on Oprah...and your little one's toes!

I love it when a mom-owned business receives good press and in the case of Monkey-Toes, it's really, really, really awesome press. (All mom-owned businesses should be so lucky!)

A while back Oprah interviewed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Telluride. This was actually one of the few episodes of Oprah I saw this year and somehow I missed the fact that in the first part of the interview, Oprah noticed Monkey-Toes' Little Lady Mary Janes in the mudroom of Tom and Katie's home. She even picked them up and commented about how cute they were. Now THAT is great press!

And if the first time around wasn't sweet enough, the interview is airing again so those of us who missed Suri's sweet little ladybug Monkey-Toes can keep our eyes peeled for Oprah's ooohs and aaahs this time around. Want to catch Oprah's interview with Tom and Katie? Click here for local listings.

Jenny Ford, the mom behind Monkey-Toes, had a little help from another mompreneur, Katja Presnal from Ladybug Landings. Katja had put together a basket full of unique gift items for the Cruise/Holmes family and Monkey-Toes' Little Lady ladybug shoes appeared on Oprah a few months later. Since then her shoes have been seen on other celebrity children including Tori Spelling’s son Liam. As a side note, you really should subscribe to Katja's blog, Ladybug Landings. She has so much info on PR and marketing, your head will spin...but in a good way!

I love this post on Classy Mommy about Monkey-Toes on Oprah. It features a great Q&A with Katja about the experience.

To celebrate a second round of great press Monkey-Toes is offering our readers $5 off so you can get your own pair of Monkey-Toes just in time for the holidays. Simply use code "OSURI08" (without the quotes) when checking out at

Now all LeShan and I need to do besides watch Oprah tomorrow is figure out how to get someone like Minnie Driver's son Henry to wear our "i wasn't born yesterday shirt" while his mom is interviewed by Oprah...and his shirt is in full view! --Emily

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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Thanks Emily!! I just ordered two pairs of Monkey Toes shoes (Ladybug and Bumble bee) for our new little daughter that we're adopting in the new year!!!

Thanks for the promo code for $5 off each pair!