Monday, December 1, 2008

Mashable: 5 Must Have Tools for Web Working Moms

This week on freshly baked the posts may be short and sweet. It is the week before our church Christmas party, for which I am co-chair, and it is also the week to get Christmas decorations up in our home, put a bunch of stuff for sale on ebay and the local classifieds (love dejunking the toy room and my clothes closet) along with managing day-to-day georgie tees, Boutique Cafe, and Polliwogged stuff. I'm a mompreneur--I have a right to feel overwhelmed once in a while and this is the week!

For today's mompreneur monday post I am pointing you in the direction of a very useful article from Mashable written by Jessica Smith, Chief Mom Advisor of and Chief Mom Officer for (She also chronicles her experiences as a mom and virtual executive at talk about a multitasking mompreneur!)

In "5 Must Have Tools for Web Working Moms" Jessica shares with us her top five
favorite productivity and communication tools. Among the list are Twitter and Facebook, two of my favorite communication-related sites. Another favorite tool is Remember the Milk, a site which I'll be featuring in a post on freshly baked very soon. It is super cool!

Be sure to read the comments on this post along with the article; you'll find some great tools suggested by fellow women business owners. You may have to try a few sites and/or apps before discovering what works best for you, but it will be time will spent. Just think of all the time--and headaches--it will save you down the road! I wonder if there's a site that can serves as co-chair for Saturday's Christmas party so I don't have to worry about it... --Emily


Susie said...

Great article!! I bookmarked it to investigate further!! Thanks for the resource:-)

Medela said...

Very helpful article! I am definitely going to benefit from this one, as I am web working mom myself, I thank you for sharing these resources.

Anonymous said...

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