Thursday, December 11, 2008

excellent Etsy find: Imogen's Garden

Today's excellent Etsy find is a mom-owned boutique full of "fresh" items for your little one. From soft little dolls and sweet custom swing tops to fabulous felt play food to shark-filled soap, Imogen's Garden is a shop full of treasures.

The woman behind Imogen's Garden is a mother of four who understands "how difficult it can be to find quality children's clothing upon which both mother and child can agree." Comfort is always top on her list when it comes to her children's clothing and each style has been "tested" by either on
e of her own children or godchildren. If it doesn't pass the test, she doesn't sell it. I love that!

My favorites are the swing tops for girls and wide-leg pants for boys. Her appliqued tees are pretty cute too, and of course the dolls are simply irresistible! As with most excellent Etsy finds, good luck choosing just one thing to buy! --Emily

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wrenwillow said...

I recently bought an adorable swing dress from Imogens Garden for my baby and it is so beautiful! Her attention to detail is amazing and the dress is definitely quality!