Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BeyondMotherhood taps into an untapped workforce

BeyondMotherhood needs no introduction except this: it is a site similar to except it connects employers with a powerful yet still crazily untapped workforce, MOMS. As wonderful as it is to be a mom, for some of us that just isn't enough. We can literally feel our brain cells slowly shrinking and are looking to do something more than carpool, pack lunches and change diapers. We want adult interaction beyond playgroups and a little extra spending money for lunch dates and shopping.

Moms are a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight. Whether your education comes from school or real life or both, BeyondMotherhood wants to match you with an employer. I love this description from the site's About Us page:

Why have we resigned ourselves that we have to make a choice? Why must we be either a 'Stay at Home Mom' or a 'Working Mom?' Why can't we have and be both? Why can't we have it all? We at believe you can.

Whether you're looking for a job that will get you out of house for a few hours a week or for a job that could become a stepping stone to help you land a full time position in the future --- you'll find the opportunities here at

Before creating an account you can search the jobs posted on BeyondMotherhood. Search by category, date added, keyword or hours required. I did an open search and although only a handful of results showed up, BeyondMotherhood has just as much potential as you do, so check back often! Who knows? You may be the CEO of a company along with your family! --Emily

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