Monday, November 9, 2009

Rachael Herrscher's take on the FTC's new guidelines

Whether you've been blogging for a short while or forever you've probably heard of the FTC's new disclosure policies for bloggers. If you haven't then I'd like to know where you've been on vacation and can I go next time? Many of us feel the FTC is taking it too far in what they deem necessary to keep blogs, especially those doing product reviews and/or endorsements, on the up and up.

I love this post from Rachael Herrscher, friend and woman behind TodaysMama, which you can find on today:

I couldn't agree with her more, especially on the whole Darwinism feel at the end. And her disclosure statement? Fabulous.

If you have a few minutes--or even if you don't--take the time to read Rachael's post and comment if you feel so inclined. I find it interesting to hear everyone's opinions on the FTC's new policy, especially those who feel it's a step in the right direction. All I can say to those select few is, "Really?!" (Perhaps Seth & Amy should do a bit on this for SNL's next Weekend Update...)

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Quinn said...

I completely agree with Rachael's post. While I do think it's good for honesty & disclosure to be reinforced as a standard, I disagree with policing this. There are WAY better ways for the FTC to spend their time. Great post Em & great post, Rach!