Monday, November 16, 2009

RMMB: "It's a schedule, not a chore chart"

Sometimes it really is all in how you say it. My latest post is up on Rocky Mountain Moms Blog and it details our latest attempt to get our girls to "happily" chip in around the house so Mom doesn't have to nag 24/7. (It's actually more like 14/6 if you don't count the hours the kids are asleep and Sundays.) The idea for a "schedule" rather than a "chore chart" came from Nathan and I must give credit where credit is due since he rarely gets any credit. He's a smart man, don't get me wrong, but I'm really the brains behind this operation we call a family. (Totally kidding--couldn't do it without you, babe!)

We've tried so-called chore charts in the past and even The Chore Board, a board-game version of a chore chart, but no matter chart or game, the newness wears off quickly. As a mom with a long to-do list I can totally sympathize with my kids when they whine and complain about vacuuming or doing laundry or heck, even making their beds. I constantly remind them Mom is the only one who gets to have a bad attitude around the house so they better change theirs and change it quickly! Click here to read more...

I'd love for you to click on over and read the post on Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. And of course I'd love you to comment over there as well if you feel so inclined. Share with us what works for you or hasn't worked for you. Who knows? This schedule thing may just fizzle and we'll need a new idea! --Emily

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