Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He did NOT just say that!

Whenever my kids say something funny I vow to write it down so I won't forget it...and then I don't write it down and of course forget it. But my husband just walked in and told me something I had to share so I wrote it down immediately because even though I was going to post about it within mere minutes, this mommy brain of mine tends to lose things rather quickly. This one's a keeper:

The setting
Dad, 12-year-old daughter and four-year-old son sitting on LoveSacs watching Samurai Jack.

Some bad guy on Samurai Jack: "Get me Samurai Jack. I want his essence."
Daughter: "What's 'his essence?'"

Son: "It means he wants his soul." {did you catch the part about his being four?}

Two minutes later husband walks into the office and replays the recent conversation for his wife.

Wife, after husband tells her what their son just said: "Seriously?!?!"
Husband: "Where did THAT come from?"

Wife: "Holy cow."
Husband: "Yeah."

I am still wondering what just happened... --Emily

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Steph said...

LOL! That reminds me of when Xander was 3. I asked him wait a "Raichu" was (pokemon) and he said "It is the evolved form of Pikachu"... it killed me. Those cartoons are very in depth.