Friday, November 6, 2009

Z'Tejas: Triple-threat salsa & some serious skillet cornbread

My husband and I love to go on dates and we love to eat and we combine the two whenever possible. Of course paying for a sitter and dinner for two can really add up so it was a real treat when Z'Tejas invited me to review their restaurant for freshly baked. It was like the ol' dine-and-dash but only all above board. I guess you'd say it was a "Flip, photograph, dine, interview, dash and review." Whatever you call it I was excited to do it.

Z'Tejas is located at the south end of The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City right across from Happy Sumo and next door to Häagen Dazs. It has been there since The Gateway first opened and is a favorite for many locals. Inside you'll find the lights turned low and a super cozy atmosphereperfect for a date night or night out with friends. The restaurant features a lot of south-of-the-border food mixed with some great southwestern dishes. With all those yummy dishes on the menu it was hard to decide. Here we are studying the menu (okay, I was striking a pose but Nathan really was studying). We probably asked the waitress four times to give us five more minutes!

Nathan decided on the
Wild Mushroom Enchiladas and I decided to try one of their specials, the Green Chile Pulled Pork Chile Relleno. (Say that quickly ten times!) To start us off our waitress brought us their Bottomless Basket of Chips & Three Salsas, one of which is a house picante and then two other salsa chosen by the chef. Here they are—and we are—in action:

Those salsas were so yummy and the cornbread? I had three slices and Nathan had one—and he was lucky I even let him have one!

Our main dishes arrived and we couldn't wait to dive in, and if I were Quinn from Limelight Food Photography you'd have photos that look as good online as the food looks in person but I'm not so you'll have to settle for the best I could do that night...and scaled down so they look even better:

Want to eavesdrop on our dinner conversation and catch us talking with our mouths full? Here you go!

I will say my chile relleno could've been a bit warmer but that coleslaw? SO totally yuummy! I've been craving it ever since! Nathan's wild mushroom enchiladas were good but since he was hesitant to share (hey, that's what I usually do!) I can't give them a full review.

Believe it or not we had room for dessert so we tried their hot apple cobbler baked in a skillet and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. I don't have video of that—we inhaled it and it wasn't pretty! Let me clarify: the dessert was pretty but watching us wolf it down was not.

After our meal I took a few minutes to talk with the manager about Z'Tejas. I found out the most popular dish on the menu (you'll have to watch to find out), what customers remember most about the restaurant (hint: it is comes in a skillet with a side of honey butter) and just how long this Ivan guy's been the manager (who says you can't work your way up the ranks?).

Craving Z'Tejas cornbread or dying to try their salsas? You're in luck!
Z'Tejas is giving away a $40 gift certificate to one of our readers!

Here's how to enter. You can do as many of these as you'd like. Each one is worth one entry into our giveaway:
  • Check out Z'Tejas' lunch or dinner menu and leave a comment telling us which dish you can't wait to order.
  • Become a friend of Z'Tejas Restaurants on Facebook and leave a comment telling us you joined.
  • Follow Z'Tejas on Twitter and leave a comment telling is you’re their newest follower.
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the URL of your tweet.
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Include a valid email address for our drawing. We'll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: November 13, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck! --Emily

P.S. I was just sent a tweet from Z'Tejas with a link to some of their popular recipes, so here you go! Enjoy! (I'll be making the cornbread within the week!)

** Congratulations to Sell...Party of 3, who won our Z'Tejas drawing! Thanks to all who visited and commented!


ZTejasMarketing said...

Thank you so much for your review. We're glad you enjoyed everything. However, I do want to clarify one thing. Our menus are very similar from location to location (we have 10 in five states), but they also reflect the regional taste. In the eight years we’ve been open in Salt Lake City, we’ve noticed that our Utah guests do not consume as much fish as they do in our other markets. However, we do have fish option and they are fresh fish. We have daily shipments of fresh fish delivered and it’s never frozen.

Thanks again,

Deborah Topcik
Director of Marketing
Z’Tejas, Inc.

Quinn said...

Man! That IS a lot of choices! Yikes! I guess I'd probably go with the steak burrito, but I'm known for changing my mind at the last minute when ordering food... It all looks sooooo YUMMY!

Quinn said...

Ok, just friended them on Facebook - rock on!

Quinn said...

Just tweeted about it - woot!

Steph said...

I want to win. Well because anytime I see food reviews it make me hungry. And really since I am not eating carbs right now anything makes me hungry. And I have never been there before.

How is that for a string of random and incomplete thoughts?

I did tweet but I am not smart enough to figure out how to find the link from where I tweeted.

I facebooked too.

Heather said...

There are so many yummy choices but I'd probably go with the blackened catfish tacos...yummy!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

woohooo!! We love Z'Tejas, and seriously their kids menu rawks...I would totally order off of that next time after seeing Van's meal!!! =)

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Because I am losing my mind, I forgot my leave my e-mail
sellbabyphat at gmail

I tweeted, I FB'ed it, I follow them on twitter, and I think you rawk!

goalmom said...

I first fell in love with ZTejas while visiting my daughter at Arizona State. I just loved their tortilla soup and couldn't stop thinking about it. Boy was I overjoyed to see that they have a location not too far from us! That's the one dish I can't wait for!


goalmom said...

I just became your newest follower.


goalmom said...

I just tweeted:

Samuelson Family said...

I love ztejas. I am a FB friend.
jlynnsam at gmail dot com

Ms. Soapbox said...

THE GRILLED shrimp and guacamole tostada bites

Ms. Soapbox said...

I blogged

Ms. Soapbox said...

I blogged

vanessa said...

I am entering my MOMMY I facebooked and tweeted for her

Darcy said...

The grilled miso salmon sounds fantastic!

Darcy said...

I follow ztejas on twitter - andthencrafts

Pamela said...

I really want to try their jack 5 cheese macaroni - yummy!

Pamela said...

I just became a fan on FB!

Pamela said...

Z'tejas and I are now twittering!!

Brittany said...

I want to try the smothered chicken burrito...right now!!! I need to go find something to eat, that made me hungry

Brittany said...

I just added ztejas as a facebook fan jb10cham(at)yahoo(dot)com