Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Pioneer Woman, a ticket shortage & a great idea

So last night was a girls' night out we had planned ever since we heard The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) would be in Salt Lake City as part of her The Pioneer Woman Cooks book tour. Vanessa (@inevergrewup) and I had our books in hand and were ready to head up there for the 7pm book signing. Just before we left Vanessa read the super fine print and discovered we would need tickets in order to get our books signed. Yikes! So we rushed to The King's English Bookshop in east Salt Lake, making our way down car-lined streets. Were all those cars here for Ree? Yes, yes they were.

We finally found a spot about two blocks away, parked and made our way to the store...only to overhear someone say they were out of tickets and weren't letting anyone else in. In where? The gallery a couple doors down where Ree would chat for a few minutes before she put permanent marker in hand and geared up for adoring fans. Standing outside the gallery, Vanessa and I hoped we might be able to simply wait until all the ticket holders had gone through the line and then they'd let us bring up the rear. And then we heard they had given out 360 tickets. People were there at 1pm just waiting for their golden ticket to see Ree face to face. (Yes, they really were a golden yellow color--how appropriate!)

Fortunately I hang with some truly amazing and inspired women, and by "hang" I mean they recognize me and are nice enough to let me hang out with them. Janet (@newspapergrl), Joanie (@JoanieAtwater) and April (@sweetlifeinthe) were there with a plan--and a gift basket. The three had put together some local Utah goodies complete with card we could all sign in hopes it would help us wade our way through the Hollywood-like sea of adoring fans to meet Ree. Yes, I absolutely love these girls! The gang was joined by Carol (@cherishbound), her friend Jeanette and Becky, who had picked up cupcakes and cake bites (pure heaven) from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

After Ree moved from the gallery to the very-cool-yet-oh-so-tiny bookstore, we gathered as a group behind the shop hoping our gift basket bearing local goodies including cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, would buy our way into a photo op with Ree before the wee hours of the morning. And the wait was well worth it as we made our way from the alley way into the toasty bookshop (ignoring the looks of death from those "legally" waiting in line) and caught our first glimpse of The Pioneer Woman in all her fabulous glory. Okay, maybe not glory since that's not what she's all about, but she was fabulous and kind and wonderful and very "real." Hopefully she saw past our scheming and took it for a group of Utah bloggers who are also huge fans.

Back, from left to right: Vanessa, Becky, April, Ree, Joanie, Carol, me
Front: Janet

While there we also met up with Allison (@petit_elefant), Marie (@makeandtakes) and Carina (@Jet_Set) who didn't sneak go in with us but did have just as much fun chatting with Dooce (yes, THAT Dooce), Marlboro Man's mother-in-law and Ree's sister-in-law Missy. I even had a chance to chat with Missy while inside the bookstore and she was just as genuine as could be. I think I'm in love with that whole family!

The night ended with a group of us hitting The Pie Pizzeria for the state's tastiest pizza in the coolest location (basement restaurant complete with graffiti on the walls and real candles on the table) and my losing my voice due to good conversation, good food and standing in a cold alley wondering if I too would have my own golden ticket. It's a night I won't soon forget. Thanks, gals! --Emily

P.S. You can read Janet's take on the night here:
Me, The Pioneer Woman, Dooce & Jason Gough

P.P.S. Here's what my carpool buddy Vanessa had to say about meeting Ree--and receiving an extra "heart" in her book: Best Girl's Night Out of All Time

And in true Allison style (a style which I LOVE), you can read her post about the book signing here: pioneer woman book signing.

P.P.P.S. These just in: Carina's post (grab a tissue; you'll laugh so hard you'll cry); Becky's post (if you love cupcakes you'll LOVE this blog); Maria's post (subscribe to Two Peas and Their Pod NOW!) and even The Sweet Tooth Fairy's post. Love you all!


Maria said...

Glad you had fun. We sure did! I will be posting my experience tomorrow:) LOVE REE!

Kristina P. said...

I had no idea she was in town! I would have loved to go.

Emily Hill said...

Can't wait to read your post, Marie. Make sure and tweet me the link! And Kristina, I would've loved to have seen you!

Camille said...

What an experience!! Glad you finally got to meet her!

Petit Elefant said...

Uh, who's on Pioneer Woman today huh? WHO? That's right, you!

Emily Hill said...

Yes, but who actually had her name mentioned in the caption to a picture on the same post? Yes, that would be YOU, Allison. What consolation prize? The Pioneer Woman knows you by name! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little bothered by how you and your special friends, because you blog, got in without a ticket and before those of us who followed the rules and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. Something's wrong with how you think you're entitled to that.

VintageMixer said...

So many Utah bloggers were here and I didn't even know it! What a fun event!

Emily Hill said...

VintageMixer: I know! It's amazing how many bloggers there are in Utah and some pretty well-known ones too!