Monday, November 30, 2009

A Glimpse of Santa

Camille over at Make It Work Mom gave me the heads up about a fantastic photo opportunity for the holidays, not only because it's sure to be the easiest, cutest way to get pics with Santa but also because it supports a worthy cause. A Glimpse of Santa is truly a gift that gives back!

I too have dealt with those oh-so-fun trips to the mall for a photo with Santa. It was a traumatic experience and like Camille, the end result was a photo of not only Santa and my dear daughter but also me (and I'm pretty sure I didn't have makeup on either). That's why I love the idea behind A Glimpse of Santa. Here's an intro, thanks to Make It Work Mom:

A friend of mine, Jennifer Eliason, is offering special photo sessions with your kids and Santa. Only this one has a twist. The Santa is YOU! How cool is that? "Santa’s" face won’t be in the picture, but your kids’ true, naturally excited expression will! So, instead of tucking away a picture taken by a mall employee of a bearded guy from off the street holding your screaming toddler, you walk away with a classy, quality candid of your little one that you’ll want to frame and display throughout the holiday and each year!

And if you book your session for DECEMBER 12, you’ll be helping out little Odette, a 1-yr-old who is battling leukemia because 100% of all Jen’s proceeds for that day will be donated to her fund.

Check out Jen’s blog for more details then contact Jen today to book your session!

You can also check out Camille's post over on Make It Work Mom. Her blog is definitely one you'll want to add to your blog reader!

Though we probably won't make the December 12th date as times are going quickly, I am hoping we can find another time early this season to catch our own glimpses of Santa, Christmas pj's and all! --Emily


Jill said...

I really am so in love with this idea.

Lauren @ SuperMom Central said...

Such a cute idea!

And can I second the big thumbs up for Camille's blog? She is one of my very favorite reads!

Camille said...

Aw, thanks for the linky love! :) I am taking my girls to get their pics taken next wk - so excited to replace the "mall Santa" pics with the "faceless" Santa pics! :)

Emily Hill said...

It's easy to give linky love to fabulous blogs (and gals)! :)