Thursday, April 3, 2008

open your mouth and say 'Ah Goo'

Because that's hot! thursday is brand-spankin' new we are still in the process of organizing our product review lineup. Once in a while we'll review something that might not be the latest children's product or celebrity fave but is definitely a must-have for us. And with all the writing I've done for Boutique Cafe's Daily Dish, I'll be highlighting products I've reviewed in the past that I'm still very much in love with--products I still use and swear by. Today's that's hot! thursday is just that, a past Daily Dish review I can't live without!

I originally reviewed Ah Goo Baby's Plush Pad in August, 2007. When they announced the addition of n
ew designs to their lineup I was happy to have them back on the Daily Dish this past February. The Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad combines stylish boutique fabric and a super soft center fabric (both water resistant and washable) with a high-density memory foam pillow covered in a water resistant taslin fabric. It's this high-density memory foam that sets the Plush Pad apart from other diaper changing pads. It not only provides excellent cushion but soothes your baby's pressure points. And its generous size protects baby from those who-knows-who-or-what-was-there-last baby changing stations in the restroom.

We've used our Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad for months as a second changing station on top of our hope chest. The memory foam is more than enough padding for the solid wood underneath and the washable feature has come in handy quite a few times. Even after washing and drying, the Plush Pad's patent-pending design rolls up easily and compactly for travel. We've taken it on vacation where we've used it on an extra-long bathroom counter, and it would be the perfect addition to Grandma's house. (Grandma would no longer worry about her bedspread or newly cleaned carpet; of course if she's cleaning the carpet before your visit she's pretty new at this Grandma thing...)

With its baby-friendly design and mom-friendly fabrics, Ah Goo Baby's Plush Pad is truly a must-have for anyone still doing the diaper thing. The only decision to make is which style to buy. --Emily

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